Graham Millward presenting at the recent Bio Taiwan exhibition held in Taipei

A FRESH INSIGHT - Pharmaceutical Metal Detection in Taiwan

In conjunction with the recent Bio Taiwan exhibition held in Taipei, Lock Inspection Systems formally launched their INSIGHT PH range of metal detectors into this key Asian pharmaceutical market.

Together with their local distribution partners FD Enterprise Corporation, Lock’s Asia-Pacific Regional Manager Graham Millward spoke at length at a New Products Seminar that formed part of the exhibition’s accompanying conference schedule, highlighting the key advantages and technological developments of the new INSIGHT PH detector range to a keen audience of selected guests from across Taiwan’s pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Foremost amongst these features are of course Lock’s unique DDS diagnostic software which provides a very clear visual ‘picture’ of all of the signals that are generated by the products that are being inspected and the various types of metallic contamination, and the benefits for reporting and quality control that can be gained from the INSIGHT’s ‘cutting edge’ communication protocols.

Taiwanese pharmaceutical manufacturers have a long history of using and embracing Lock metal detectors, stretching back through and beyond the 15 years of partnership with local industry experts FD Enterprise, and many of the country’s leading production groups such as CCPC, Standard, Sinphar, YSP and TTY Biopharm are already regular users of Lock technology.

With the local manufacturing sector continuing to show impressive growth despite some difficult recent times for the Taiwanese economy as a whole, and with Taiwan remaining one of the most regulated pharmaceutical production environments in the Asian region (where all manufacturers must be fully compliant to PIC/S regulations by the end of 2014), the portents for continued growth for Lock and the INSIGHT PH remain very promising.