Vertical fall metal detection system


The Japanese pharmaceutical processing machinery manufacturer Mori Machinery, a long established business partner of Lock Inspection Systems, has recently developed an innovative new solution for the inspection of powders in a vertical fall metal detection system.

Faced with the requirement from one of their leading customers to supply a freefall detection system with two independent collection ‘bins’ instead of the conventional one, the team at Mori designed a free-standing ‘trolley’ arrangement which allows the Lock vertical fall detector to be mounted on a solid platform under which the two drums can be installed side-by-side.

In order to accommodate the 750mm high drums, the reject and ‘accept’ outlets of the metal detector have been elongated and integrated directly into the frame design, with the control panel / electrical cabinet of the Lock unit also being offset at an angle to the detector frame in order to permit better operator access to the two outlets.

A further benefit is that the whole frame is built onto castor wheels with urethane tyres, permitting the system to be easily moved around the customer’s facility as production needs dictate – the collection drums themselves are mounted onto an independent trolley so that they can be easily transported away from the area once they have been filled to their 120Lcapacity.

Japan has long been one of the largest and most dynamic markets for pharmaceutical metal detection in the world, and thanks to ongoing innovation from the likes of Lock and Mori, this trend is sure to continue, particularly as the inspection of pharmaceutical powdered or granulated products continues to increase in line with the global trend.