Insight PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall Metal Detector

New Lock in-process pharma metal detection system secures API integrity!

Lock Inspection has launched a new INSIGHT PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall metal detection system to empower pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to achieve product integrity during the production process.

This new in-process system does not negate the need for end-of-line product inspection, which remains a Critical Control Point (CCP) for pharmaceutical manufacturers, but enables customers to develop a leaner, more efficient and profitable business by reducing product waste and manufacturing downtime earlier in the production process.

The evolution of the new INSIGHT PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall system, which inspects raw materials in powder or granular form for contaminants at a flow rate of up to 3250 kg/hr prior to the tableting process, anticipates a new market trend which Lock is expecting to see increase at a furious pace. Having independent manufacturing sites handle production of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and the finished tablet, is an increasingly popular business model, resulting from lean manufacturing strategies and the drive to increase profitability. It does however increase the risk of product contamination due to the numerous parties which handle the product throughout the process. Lock’s in-process INSIGHT PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall system, which can be used both to review the API leaving one site and then again when it enters the next stage of the process at the tableting site, has been specifically developed to deliver the assurance of product integrity to the growing number of manufacturers who’ve adopted this fragmented supply chain model.

Not only is the inspection of materials before tableting/packing increasingly important to maintain product integrity, it also protects expensive machinery components such as tablet press tooling from damage by foreign objects hidden in the ingredients. The INSIGHT PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall machine delivers the same class leading sensitivity levels as its sister machine used for inspecting tablets and capsules; contaminated material is automatically removed using a fully integrated sealed flap or cowbell type reject, and Lock’s innovative OPTIX detector management software and DDS (Direct Digital Signal) creates vector diagrams to help manufacturers achieve quick automated product set-ups and a high level of traceability.

Importantly, the PH VF system is very compact and can be retrofitted with minimal disruption to the production line: “When completing any plant modifications, it is essential that disruption is kept to a minimum; where required,the new INSIGHT PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall system can be installed in a space of less than 72 cm or alternatively it can be used as a standalone unit, making it a useful process enhancement in new or existing production lines,” comments Lock’s Head of Sales & Marketing Simon Taylor.

The fully validatable system, with four level protected security, is constructed and designed to comply with 21 CFr Pts 210 and 211, and includes a comprehensive range of communication options to enable users to extract and report inspection data in a variety of ways including a USB portal, via wired or wireless ethernet or directly feed data into the onsite SCADA system for monitoring purposes as required by the FDA.

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