Insight PH "BottleChek" Metal Detector

New BottleChek metal detection system with value-added software

A new BottleChek metal detection system with value-added software for quick product set-ups and a higher level of traceability, provides Lock customers with a unique competitive edge.

The system, which inspects bottles of tablets and capsules at the end of the packaging line for unwanted metallic particles, is the only system on the market to incorporate Lock’s unique OPTIX detector management software and signature DDS (Direct Digital Signal) vector image display to aid quick automated product set-ups and a high level of traceability.

Using real time data capture, OPTIX detector management software gives pharmaceutical manufacturer’s a competitive edge as it provides them the information they require to be fully accountable for their product, batch and line performance.

“Although this bottle-check metal detection system is not new technology to the pharma industry, our software adds value unlike any other competitive system – complex product set-ups can be completed with absolute confidence in a matter of seconds thus keeping downtime to a minimum and manufacturers can demonstrate a high level of product accountability and traceability giving them a unique competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Lock’s new BottleChek system is supplied with a high frequency (875kHz) metal detector head that can be specified with a product specific aperture size built to customer requirements and is designed to be highly sensitive to SS316 as required by the pharmaceutical industry. The specially designed conveyor is easily integrated into a transfer line where side-to-side bottle transfer of the smallest bottles is achieved with 100% accuracy. Deployment of the reject system takes place without causing bottle damage or product loss in the event of metal contamination being detected.

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