Ringier Trade Media Ltd.’s China Food Manufacturing Journal, the leading food industry magazine in China, announced the winners of the 2010 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for Food & Beverage Industry last June 3 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The awards were officially supported by Food Ingredients Asia (FiA), one of the largest food ingredient trade shows in Asia.

27 winners were selected by a panel of experts and were honored for their contribution to the success of China's food and beverage industry in the areas of Ingredients, Packaging, Processing, Food Safety and Others. The winners include 27 global and local market leaders such as LOCK INSPECTION SYSTEMS, DSM, ROQETTE, CARGILL, ABB, YIMING BIOLOGICAL and Shanghai Huabao Peacock Flavour & Fragrance. The Award gathered 120+ representatives, including decision-makers of the winning companies, judge group, Ringier magazine readers and media.  At FiA’s showcase area, trade show visitors were able to learn the details of the winning technologies and products.

2010 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for Food & Beverage Industry attracted a large number of manufacturers from home and abroad to participate in this competition. After the careful evaluation by the independent judge group, 27 companies and 20 innovative technologies were selected as winners. The Award also invited experts from industrial association as guests, such as Ms. Wang Wei, Vice Secretary-General of China National Food Industry Association and Mr. Gong Shengkui, Secretary-General of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association. 

Mr. Mike Hay, President of Ringier Trade Media Ltd. said, “There are five categories for this year’s innovation award, which are Food & Beverage Ingredients, Food & Beverage Processing Technologies, Food & Beverage Packaging Technologies, Food Safety and Others. The reason why we set Food Safety as an independent category is because food safety is the key point and foundation of food and beverage industry. It is also what the industry cares more about. We hope that by setting this category we can help food and beverage manufacturers know more about the advanced detecting technologies and solutions so that food safety can be achieved.”    Mr. Hay told the reporters of sina.com and Wen Hui Daily: “The government has set up strict criteria for food safety and manufacturers have developed new technology for quality control. But the key point now is how to implement these criteria, which needs the participation of the whole industry.” In this year’s awards program, the Food & Beverage Ingredients category had the most number of entries.

Mr. Hay said that there may be two reasons for this. First is that the cooperation with FiA helped improve the exposure of the Award, thus more companies became aware about the competition. Second reason is that consumers are raising their demand for taste and functionality. The food and beverage ingredients suppliers are developing new products to meet the market’s need. The keen competition is inevitable among so many new products.”

The list of winners indicates that the trend of food and beverage industry includes natural, healthy and environmental-friendly products. Automation is also under quick development. In Food and Beverage Ingredient category, the trend includes both “biological antioxidant” and “flavor enhancer”. In F&B Processing Technology category, it is “Vacuum conveying” technology that effectively decreases the energy consumption and increases the production efficiency. The “light weight closure” under F&B Packaging Technology category can cut the cost of producing bottle neck and bottle cap by 30%. This allows production cost and CO2 emission to be reduced.

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