Gebroeders van der Ende from Maasdijk, Holland recently invested in 3 new metal detection systems from Lock Inspection Systems. The assignment was to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the variety of products manufactured by GVDE to achieve stringent quality procedures. The primary decision from GVDE is to issue a 100% guarantee to its customers that all products have been inspected to the required sensitivity level. For 50 years, GVDE has been a leading Dutch producer of fresh and frozen soup, rice, pasta dishes, meal components and various salads. Butchers, poultry dealers, greengrocers, fresh-food shops, retail formulas, in-catering establishments and healthcare institutions sell these products. This is a varied market, each with highly specific requirements, to which GVDE responds to quickly and with a great deal of flexibility. The products are distributed in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. GVDE’s ambition for the future is to become the market leader, as a producer of fresh soup (refrigerated) in various markets and countries.

Due to the quality control procedures required by the customers of GVDE, the challenge Lock faced was to deliver the most up-to-date and efficient metal detection system to meet current regulations. ‘The only sources of metal contaminants in the production line are metal fragments from the materials used to produce the meals or possible presence of metallic particles in the supplied raw materials,’ explains Ronald Jansen, Production Manager at Gebroeders van der Ende. Despite these limited chances, GVDE is not taking any risks. ‘The metal detectors now give us added security and have really enhanced our quality procedures.’ The metal detection systems are installed directly behind the packaging machines to inspect the finished sealed package.2

For this project, Lock installed MET30+ UNIVERSAL 3F (Multi-frequency) metal detectors, which uses three separate crystals and automatically chooses the optimum frequency for the product: 30, 100 or 286 kHz. The detector offers highly reliable detection in adverse conditions, such as for conductive products, e.g. due to moisture, salt and other conductive components that may be present. The 3F version is the ultimate solution for this, with this detector the best possible sensitivity can be generated for each product, fresh and/or frozen, packed in metallised foil or poly/plastic packaging.

The many products from GVDE vary in composition and weight, and are packed in different types of packaging in a wide range of sizes. The decision was made to create a number of different programmes for the products, because a higher sensitivity can be achieved for smaller products. The flexibility of the MET30+ UNIVERSAL 3F ensures that each product can be detected at maximum sensitivity. The ADC Software supplied with the machines has proven beneficial to the users. It visualises all product signals via a laptop or touch-screen control panel (optional). It shows the data in a graphical display, which enables the user to verify the performance of the metal detector, identify problem areas and prevent “false detections”.

“After various field tests with the Lock system on our premises,and a favourable quotation, the choice was quickly made. There’s clearly a need for high-quality products at a reasonable price and we believe that GVDE currently fulfil this requirement.”

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