Ready Meals

Effective product protection is critical to all branches of the Ready Meals Industry, ensuring that safety and quality are absolute.

Lock Inspection Systems has responded to these specific needs with a range of metal detectors, which guarantees the manufacturer the very highest standards of inspection for their products.

In today's style of living, ready meals represents one of the fastest growing food product sectors. TV Dinners were, in the past, criticised for their lack of quality of ingredients. But with today's variety and inventiveness in Ready Meals the demand for Total Quality inspection requires purposeful solutions at every stage in the manufacturing and packaging processes.

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Product protection for ready meals

Products for Ready Meals

Designed for the use on Lock's conveyor systems.

Designed for the use on Lock's conveyor systems.

OPTIX Data Records Report In Real Time

Sophisticated software accesses DDS viewer, reports, memory back-up and diagnostics.

DDS Vector Diagram

Lock's signature DDS vector diagram for perfect product setups.