Meat, Fish & Dairy

Product protection is critical in the Meat, Fish and Dairy Industries, recognising the particular challenges in maintaining absolute product quality and purity.

Lock Inspection Systems has responded to these needs with a range of metal detectors, which guarantee the very highest of standards of inspection.

Lock's total quality assurance for these industries at all stages of production, delivers a product safety solution, which minimises risk of legal action, bad publicity and financial losses.

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Metal Detectors for Meat, Fish and Dairy

Products for Meat, Fish & Dairy

Designed for the use on Lock's conveyor systems.

Designed for the use on Lock's conveyor systems.

OPTIX Data Records Report In Real Time

Sophisticated software accesses DDS viewer, reports, memory back-up and diagnostics.

DDS Vector Diagram

Lock's signature DDS vector diagram for perfect product setups.