Metal detection in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries using the INSIGHT PH

Posted December 1, 2011 in Metal Detection, Pharmaceutical Inspection
Metal detection in the pharmaceutical

Detecting and measuring metal elements in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products is a critical consideration in finished-product manufacturing. Product protection within these industries is tightly controlled by regulation and legislation. Manufacturers have consequently been obliged by the requirements of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Medicines Control Agency (MCA) to adopt the safest and most stringent standards and protocols. Quality and integrity are the fundamental requirements for all pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Effective product protection is therefore pivotal throughout the manufacturing and packaging process, for all ethical pharmaceutical formulations, generic equivalents, or over-the-counter solid dosage products. There are several possible sources of metal object contamination, including ingredient contamination, mixing-process errors, and machinery failures in the tablet- and capsule-forming and filling process. It is vital that all these sources of contamination be identified and removed before the product leaves the factory. Metal detectors play a crucial role is detecting magnetic or conductive metal materials in the products before they leave the factory.
With over half a century’s experience of delivering custom-designed automated quality assurance solutions, Lock Inspection Systems is setting new standards in metal detection technology. Because of Lock’s continued investment in new product development, and our innovative use of new technologies, we have secured a leading position in product protection for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and work closely with many of the world’s foremost manufacturers. Lock is now quite rightly regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of metal detections systems for these industries and continues to set the bench mark in the metal detection industry.

When Lock was faced with the challenge of developing an all-new range of pharmaceutical metal detectors, our R&D team were handed a ‘simple’ brief – design a product to set new standards for efficiency, product quality, GMP, traceability and compliance with existing and forthcoming regulatory requirements. The solution the team came up with was the INSIGHT PH metal detector/

The INSIGHT PH excels in all areas. Highly resistant to vibration, the Integrated Digital Search Head and sophisticated OPTIX detector management software enable the INSIGHT PH to clearly display the detailed product profile needed to achieve perfect product setups, using Lock’s unique DDS (Direct Digital Signal) vector diagram. This guarantees detection and rejection of minute metal fragments, whilst still maintaining high productivity and market leading sensitivity to all
metals. These core technologies are complemented by an array of innovative features that deliver tangible benefits to the manufacturer at key stages in their manufacturing process.

Features of the INSIGHT PH

•    Detection and removal of metal contamination from incoming raw materials and formulations prior to tabletting and encapsulation
•    Inspection of up to 30,000 tablets or capsules per minute before packing, at the highest levels of sensitivity
•    Design & Construction Compliant with 21 CFR, Parts 210 and 211
•    WIP/DT reject option enables use with highly potent formulations
•    Ultra compact, highly adjustable frame permits the metal detector to be integrated with all leading tablet press and encapsulation machines
•    Validation Solutions: IQ, OQ, PQ, calibration and certification
•    Data management systems to collect and store product quality records
•    Operable in a 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant environment