Lock's Insight PL Pipeline Metal detector

Spreading Product Integrity

Once Again Nut Butter uses Lock Inspection’s Insight PL pipeline metal detectors and OPTIX DDS technology to pump assurance into their organic and sustainable food safety practices.

Founded in 1976, Once Again Nut Butter has grown from a modest 800 square-foot basement to a 40,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility and testing lab in rural New York. The company produces over 60 different products boasting an unrivaled variety of different formulations and flavors. Specialty supermarkets, such as Whole Foods, and foodservice operators are adding the company’s products to their shelves and menus at an unprecedented pace. The widespread appeal of the company’s commitment to food safety and quality has made the company a runaway growth leader.

“It really is a combination of getting a lot of different elements right,” states Jacob Rawleigh, Quality Assurance Manager for Once Again Nut Butter. “Its not just presenting a great product, its also aligning with the right suppliers, performing the proper quality testing and supporting standards that mean something to our brand commitment.”

Once Again Nut Butter is Safe Quality Foods (SQF) 2000 Level 3 certified and holds a variety of other certifications including OCIA, OTCO, GMO-free, kosher and gluten-free. The company’s products are also fair trade and sustainable certified.

To meet the collective practices of their certification programs, Once Again Nut Butter focuses on five key components - demonstrating commitment to safety and quality, addressing food safety requirements, complying with regulatory and product traceability requirements, engaging in responsible good manufacturing practices as well as practicing the due diligence principle.

It may sound daunting, but Once Again Nut Butter isn’t worried - they have plenty of assistance from food inspection expert, Lock Inspection Systems. “They are constantly reinventing their quality standards as they become more and more involved with social and economic initiatives,” Todd Schonauer, Regional Sales Manager, Lock Inspection Systems says. “The bottom line was that our solution needed to be future-proof.”

Optix DDS ScreenAs it turns out, the key to meeting the company’s goals was Lock’s DDS (direct digital signal) technology, which delivers perfect product set-ups, high productivity and maximum sensitivity. DDS is a visual representation of what is happening during the inspection process. DDS’ vector diagram is displayed on the system’s graphic control panel as part of the OPTIX metal detection management software package.

Many of Once Again Nut Butter’s largest retailers demand single reject analysis as part of their code of practice. And the company is more than happy to comply. “They have 5 processing lines that produce multiple products per day,” states Schonauer. “The DDS technology and the ability to record activities ensures they will always meet their retailers’ code of practice along with their own food safety and quality standards.”

The Insight PL pipeline metal detection system comes standard with the OPTIX DDS technology and has the capability to document daily activities including rejects and validations. Data reports can be stored to a standard USB drive or networked to a computer for secure, direct download.DDS’ vector diagram automatically generates a detailed product profile needed to achieve perfect product set-ups, delivering industry-leading sensitivities for both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. The technology will automatically set-up and store 200 different product presets, calibrating for product effect as each product passes through the Insight PL.

One of the reasons Once Again Nut Butter originally converted their inspection systems to the Lock brand was due to the inspection company’s reputation for quality service. “The service we receive from the Lock technical staff, as well as Mr. Schonauer, our sales rep, is above par. They go the extra mile and give us tips on how to correctly operate and maintain the systems so they stay up and running,” says Rawleigh. He feels confident that Once Again Nut Butter utilizes their Insight PL systems to the fullest capacity. “Fully understanding how the systems function is imperative to helping us stay ahead of food safety requirements.”

Once Again Nut Butter has been a loyal Lock customer since 1996 and continues to strengthen their relationship as the business grows. They have added 2 new Insight PL systems in the past year. The company invites Lock to their facility once a year to perform a SQF 2000 Level 3 mandated audit on their metal detector fleet.

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