Carol Stream, IL (December 2012) – For the first time in 2013, Loma Systems and Lock Inspection Systems, two of the world’s leading inspection companies, will join forces at WestPack 2013. Visitors are invited to stop by booth 4971 to view the latest in world-class food and pharmaceutical inspection systems.

“The integration of Loma and Lock creates a next-generation food and pharmaceutical company with global reach,” said Laura Studwell, North American Marketing Manager for both companies. “Together, our companies will embrace the future of inspection through innovation and world-class service to deliver unmatched technology and experiences for production companies worldwide.”

WestPack is an ideal place for Loma and Lock to join forces for the first time in 2013. The event is a gateway to the packaging industry, serves the fifth largest market in the United States and boasts a new pharmaceutical section. “This is truly a merger of visions and a perfect fit for both companies,” said Mark D’Onofrio, President of Lock. “We are integrating an innovative leader in the food inspection industry with a powerhouse in the pharmaceutical inspection industry.”

D’Onofrio continues, “By joining Loma and Lock, we are creating one of the most diverse, technically advanced and service focused inspection companies in the world. And we intend to keep making our businesses better and better.”

“Since WestPack is the premier show for Loma and Lock in 2013, we thought it fitting to kick off our joint effort with a spectacular suite of systems, customWest Pack Logo engineered to showcase our combined range of capabilities,” said Studwell. Booth 4971 will showcase a circulating conveyor system with the trademarked QuickShip™ Flex metal detector and X4 500 SpaceSaver x-ray. The booth will also highlight two of the most popular metal detection products from the Insight inspection line, the PH Pharmaceutical and the C5 Waferthin FreeFall.

The circulating conveyor system is the newest trend in full-range inspection technology. Production companies can place any combination of metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection systems inline for additional contaminant control. At WestPack 2013, the circulating conveyor system will feature the trademarked QuickShip™ Flex metal detector and X4 500 SpaceSaver x-ray. The design of the QuickShip™ Flex enables production companies to take a standard metal detector conveyor system and adjust dimensions to meet application needs. It is a fully-functional system without the normal lead time of a custom-built system. The X4 500 SpaceSaver is the latest in x-ray inspection that allows production companies to more accurately detect contaminants through 3D modelling while at the same time saving production space. With the X⁴ 500 SpaceSaver, users can detect metallic and non-metallic contaminants with sensitivity rates at over 3x other products.

The Insight inspection line is recognized as one of the top metal detection lines in the industry. It boasts some of the most unique systems on the market including the PH Pharmaceutical system, which can inspect up to 30,000 tablets per minute at the highest documented levels of sensitivity in the industry. We invite you to booth 4971 to see how the signature design promotes best-in-class stability even in the chaotic environment of an exhibition.

The Insight C5 Waferthin FreeFall is the most compact metal detector on the market, engineered for installation between multi-head weighing systems and bagmakers where its stability to vibration delivers industry-leading performance and sensitivity to all metal types. Integrated management software produces perfect product setups to guarantee maximum packaging efficiency and total quality assurance.

About Loma Systems
Loma Systems is one the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing company specializing in metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection systems. Loma’s products are uniquely engineered for consistent quality with a low cost of ownership. Loma has successfully partnered with the world’s largest food and packaging companies, located in over 100 countries, to comply with product safety standards, weight legislation and retailer codes of conduct.

About Lock Inspection Systems
With over half a century of experience delivering custom-designed, automated quality assurance solutions, Lock Inspection Systems is setting new standards in metal detection and checkweighing technology. Backed by an extensive international network, technical and customer services provide unparalleled after-sales care. Lock is proud to have alliances with some of the world’s foremost manufacturers.

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