• 19th January 2015
    Loma Systems and Lock Inspection, worldwide leaders in metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection systems for the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, have announced their attendance for the Northwest Food Processors 2015 Expo. Read more
  • 7th June 2013
    Once Again Nut Butter uses Lock Inspection’s Insight PL pipeline metal detectors and OPTIX DDS technology to pump assurance into their organic and sustainable food safety practices. Read more
  • 14th January 2013
    For the first time in 2013, Loma Systems and Lock Inspection Systems, two of the world’s leading inspection companies, will join forces at WestPack 2013. Visitors are invited to stop by booth 4971 to view the latest in world-class food and pharmaceutical inspection systems. Read more
  • 24th July 2012
    Lock Chief Representative in China Tiger Wang attended the grand opening of the Pepsico Wuhan facility on July 10th 2012. The opening ceremony was performed by Pepsico Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi and attended by Mr Jia Yaobin, executive vice mayor of the Wuhan Municipal Government and other leading Wuhan officials, along with members of Pepsicos senior management team for the Asian region. Read more
  • 13th June 2012
    A new BottleChek metal detection system with value-added software for quick product set-ups and a higher level of traceability, provides Lock customers with a unique competitive edge. Read more
  • 13th June 2012
    Lock Inspection has launched a new INSIGHT PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall metal detection system to empower pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to achieve product integrity during the production process. Read more
  • 23rd April 2012
    The award season is well under way and Lock Inspection Systems is celebrating after being nominated for a top award at the food and beverage industry equivalent of the Oscars– Food Processing Awards 2012! Read more
  • 10th April 2012
    Lock Chief Exec identifies the US as major growth market. Interviewed by a Manchester newspaper, Lock CEO Dave Garnett said: “The US seems to be the market that is growing for us. People are still eating and needing to take pills, so there is continuing growth and demand in these sectors for us. Read more
  • 19th March 2012
    Lock helps United Biscuits to improve the processing efficiency of their multi-bag crisp packing lines and dramatically reduced product wastage as a direct result of retrofitting four snack lines with 62 throat metal detectors. Read more
  • 13th March 2012
    With food and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to extract every ounce of value from their assets, the potential benefits to be accrued by removing contamination before valuable manufacturing time has been wasted are very attractive and the demand for in process contaminant removal is rising significantly in the industry. Read more