Product Protection within the pharmaceutical industry is tightly controlled by regulation and legislation. Manufacturers, recognising the requirements of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Medicines Control Agency (MCA), adopt stringent standards and protocols.

Quality and integrity are fundamental requirements for products from the pharmaceutical industry. Whether for the ethical pharmaceutical formulations, generic equivalents, or OTC solid dosage products, effective product protection is pivotal throughout manufacture and packaging.

Lock Inspection Systems has responded to the specific needs of this industry with a wide range of purpose-designed metal detectors, which guarantee the highest standard of inspection.

Lock's data management systems allow for the collection and storage of product quality records and also each system comes complete with a validation specification and operating/installation manuals.

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Product protection in the pharmaceutical industry

Products for Pharmaceuticals

Metal detector used in pharmaceutical industry

The new benchmark for pharmaceutical metal detection.

Insight PH VF Pharmaceutical Vertical Fall Metal Detector

Recommended to inspect API's in free-falling powder or granular form.

DDS Vector Diagram

Lock's signature DDS vector diagram for perfect product setups.

OPTIX Data Records Report In Real Time

Sophisticated software accesses DDS viewer, reports, memory back-up and diagnostics.


Total quality assured throughout your production process.

WeighCheck to weigh up to 1500 grams

Checkweigher for products up to 1500 grams